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If you have more than 1 violation on your ticket you must satisfy all remaining violations with the court. Attending a defensive driving class dismisses only 1 moving violation.


The court your citation is from determines the cost of the class.


You are eligible to attend a defensive driving class once every year from violation date to violation date.


The course is approximately 4.5 hours long.


Entire course is done online including the class participation test.


Your money order should be made payable to: Arizona Chapter National Safety Council or ACNSC.


Your ticket and any additional paperwork you may have received from the court. Your driver’s license or a government issued I.D. Your money order payable to Arizona Chapter National Safety Council or ACNSC or your prepaid receipt A pen or a pencil.


You can pay for the course online at


You can call our office at 602-222-3360 to reschedule or you can reschedule your class on line at


We offer morning and afternoon classes on the weekends and evening classes during the week.


We do offer Spanish classes.


You must send the “Declaration of Non-Driver” page to the court and contact the court for further instructions.


If there was a serious injury or a fatality you are not eligible to attend.


Yes, you can take it as a volunteer.



Please call our office at 602-222-3360.


If your citation is from Arizona we will notify the court of your completion. If you are attending a class for an out of state ticket you must notify the court yourself.


Anyone who has a driver’s license or is planning on getting one in the near future Teenage Drivers People who drive for a living Senior citizens.

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