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Traffic Ticket Dismissal: Arizona Traffic School, Arizona

Traffic Ticket Dismissal

You may want to take our traffic ticket dismissal course if you have received a civil violation.
Benefits in taking our course
  • Points will not be added to your driving record
  • Increased driving awareness
  • Learn up-to-date Arizona traffic laws, local ordinances and specific local traffic issues
You may be eligible if you have not attended an Arizona traffic school defensive driving course for a traffic ticket dismissal in the last 12 months (violation date to violation date). 
Click here for all eligibility requirements
If you received a criminal violation you must contact the court to determine eligibility.
Ticket dismissal fees by court
Eligible violation codes
Identify driver attitudes and behaviors that cause problems on the road and learn the benefits of improving both
Learn the difference between good driving and defensive driving
Learn the three basic steps in collision avoidance
Learn how to consistently recognize driving hazards
Identify the driver conditions that result in collisions and violations
List techniques to safely maintain control in driving situations
List the most common driving errors that contribute to collisions
Identify reasons drivers choose to speed and list alternatives to speeding
Learn how to safely approach and proceed through all types of intersections
Identify the hazards involved in passing
Evaluate a potential passing situation and explain how to complete a safe pass
Determine a safe following distance
Identify personal benefits of proper occupant restraints for adults and children
List defensive driving maneuvers to help maintain control. Recognize uncontrollable driving conditions that contribute to collisions
Identify personal behaviors and decisions to help avoid collisions and violations
Inform and educate the public on local and state traffic laws and unique conditions

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